Alchemy WaveGen

A free wave generator for the Camel Audio Alchemy synthesizer plug-in, written in Java. It is also a monophonic synth, because you probably want to hear what you are doing ;)

Currently Alchemy WaveGen comes with two plug-ins:
- FM-Generator is a simple FM synth with nine operators you can freely connect (well, almost freely).
- Audio File Reader loads any WAV or AIF file from which you can extract waveforms.

Java programmers can easily write plug-ins for Alchemy WaveGen. The interface is well documented and there is an example plug-in you can study.

 Download Alchemy WaveGen 1.0.2  (933 KB) 
 Download Additional Waveforms  (3.8 MB) 

System Requirements

My Java applications need a Java Runtime Environment (JRE), version 1.7 or higher, installed. You can download the current JRE for your operating system at To test for a JRE installation, execute "java -version" on the system prompt (shell, terminal).


Un-zip to any location. The contained README explains how to run Alchemy WaveGen.