4. 4. 2015

Ha - i'm online!

It was a long way: Finish the albums, make the website, finish the software, make videos, release the albums … now i will lean back for a while and let it grow.

1. 5. 2015

Meanwhile i'm a registered developer at KVR Audio and yesterday i officially released Alchemy WaveGen.

Since the last post i cleaned up my iMac and installed the latest OS version (... and yes - i'm disappointed: It feels as if my Mac became 30 % slower by the update ...).

The good news: i started a new music project. The working title is 'Interview' and it will be an electronic, experimental album. The vision is to compose an analog to a smoothly flowing black-and-white movie. There will be a prologue, about 10 interview parts and an epilogue (at least that's the plan).

1. 6. 2015

The word i most often hear when someone talks about my electronic tracks is "psychedelic".
Fact is that while composing 'Einfach / Simple' i never thought about creating something "psychedelic".

The exciting moment in the composition process is when the subconscious mind shows up and for me this most often happens when developing repetitive, calm (gentle, smooth) structures. When i listen to the entire 'Einfach / Simple' album it usually puts me in a kind of trance, the reason might be that listening re-establishes this connection to the subconscious mind.
So, if "psychedelic" describes a similar experience - welcome to my world!

However, if "psychedelic" refers to the use of psychedelic drugs (either on the side of the composer or on the side of the listener) - i would like to reject the term.